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Welcome to the Official Website of CISEGD !!

The Community Initiative for Sustainable Environment and Gender Development (CISEGD) is a registered non-profit Community-based Organization (CBO) working to improve lives, reduce poverty and empower rural people and communities to live in harmony with nature as well as in equality without exerting too much pressure on the environment.

Tree Planting Afforestation
Networking Partners
Eco Outreach Sensitization
Capacity Building Knowledge
Tree Nursery Protection
Project Launch Engagement
Compost Agriculture
Food Security Seed Distribution

Legal Status and Localization:

CISEGD’s main office is located at Guzang Village in Batibo Sub Division of Momo Division some 43km away from Bamenda Town of the North West Region of Cameroon. CISEGD Cameroon was founded in 2011 as a Common Initiative Group (CIG) and gained the status of an Association in 2014 with legal Registration No. 64/C72NW06/AR/2014. CISEGD was created by a group of people whom social, economic and ecological wellbeing of communities, underprivileged and marginalized people is their heartbeat; with profound dedication and commitment to look for sustainable solutions to issues affecting the rural people.

CISEGD Cameroon works locally and thinks globally, integrating men and women, young or old, rich or poor weak or strong , able or disable in solving the problems face by rural people.

Improving Lives by Imparting Livelihood Skills

Bee Farming

Women learn how to produce Hives

Bee Farming

Quality Natural Honey

Bee Farming

Harvesting Honey

Mushroom Farming

Substrate preparation

Mushroom Farming

Substrate Spawning (Planting)

Empowering of Women

Livestock Rearing for Livelihood

Word from CISEGD's Team Director:

I want to extend my deepest appreciation for your unwavering commitment and passion towards our shared mission and work. Your support as funders, sponsors, stakeholders has been instrumental in achieving remarkable milestones and creating a positive impact in the lives of those we serve.

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The future of a healthy, safe and peaceful planet-earth is in the hands of all and can only be sustained by empowering people to unlock their full potentials and live in harmony with nature while providing equal opportunities for all as well as putting social, economic and environmental justice at the center of every development. We also believe that human beings are at the centre of concern for sustainable development. They are entitled to a healthy and productive life in harmony with nature and equality for all with respect of their dignity and rights. However our challenge is to achieve sustainable development that is socially, economically and ecologically sustainable without sacrificing the next generation. 

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