Community Initiative for Sustainable Environment and Gender Development

Many of the people we serve are women. Almost half of these women are single mothers. Gender inequality is so deeply embedded in the communities that we serve and these women usually earn 50% less than men, while acts of violence against them are a cultural norm. Many of the women we work with are victims of physical, emotional and economic abuse.

Our goal is to improve the lives of women in this community through various income-generating and welfare initiatives. We offer alternative employment. by nurturing creativity, business skills and financial independence, This activity seek to build self-esteem and afford these women the chance to step outside of an oppressive status quo, setting a new example for the next generation.

We are currently working with 20 women to provide small business skills and micro credit loan to start-up a business. We believe the long-term benefits will extend into the wider community by improving on their business skills and working with them to have their voices heard; these women can become influential agents for change in the community. If they are able to become advocates for themselves, it is hoped they will also set an example to others experiencing similar challenges, providing an alternative female reality to that of oppression, fear and dependency.