Community Initiative for Sustainable Environment and Gender Development

CISEGD works with communities to empower people protects, restore and conserve nature and the as well as overcome existing environmental challenges. The threat of climate Change, manifested in the increase of extreme weather conditions such as, droughts, storms or floods, has been recognized here not only as a local priority issue but as global priority issue. Climate change is a sustainable development challenge, with broad impacts not only on the environment but also on economic and social development.

CISEGD thinks globally and acts locally; integrating people of all works of life to build a healthy and sustainable environment where everyone can live in harmony with nature and be able to thrive in a society of equal opportunities.

We believe that today’s environmental problems can not only be solved by recycling and planting of trees but understanding a whole system of human life. We work with people of all ages; young or old, rich or poor, weak or strong, disable or able to empower them understand their relationship and approach to the environment which will help them to develop bold ideas and initiate programs/activities that will provide sustainable solutions to the devastating environmental degradation plaguing their communities.

We work to empower communities put environmental justice at the center of every development for a more sustainable and equitable development. We also strives to create environmental awareness and capacity building programs and projects with communities to instill in them the spirit of harmonious living with nature. Considering that ecosystems are our natural capital that provides us with fresh water, food and wood. CISEGD works with all to draw attention on these values and make sure that their behavior protects the earth and the environment instead of destroying it.

Strategies and Action:

¶  Promote sustainable exploitation of natural resources.

¶  Build capacities on sustainable management of natural resources.

¶  Restore degraded forest and agricultural Landscapes through agroforestry and tree planting.

¶  Research and introduce climate change mitigating actions.

¶  Awareness of proper waste disposal and good health as well as sanitation practice.