Community Initiative for Sustainable Environment and Gender Development

The purpose of this project is to sustainably increase productivity of small holders farmers in Cameroon through integrated farming systems. of this activity is to promote sustainable integrated farming systems among small holders farmers. In 2015 American Peace Corps in Cameroon partnered with the community of Guzang village–Batibo through or organization (CISEGD) to promote integrated farming systems among small farmers. this activity is currently implemented in Guzang village with support from American Peace corps in Cameroon.

It is within this partnership that the first Peace corps volunteer by Name Mr Sean Potts was posted to Guzang village in November 2015 through CISEGD Cameroon as the host organization. The project is currently working with about 10 pilot farmers to conduct farming systems assessment using appropriate participatory rural appraisal (PRA) tools, Developing farm management plan and assist farmers in the implementation of the plan. It is hope that the skills and knowledge gained by these farmers will be shared with other farmers in the community and beyond.

We are also educating farmers on produce organic fertilizer using Bokashi compost technology, As part of an integrated farming systems, farmers are thought how to transform animal waste into rich organic fertilizer that is use as fertilizer to add soil biodiversity, enhance productivity and increase yields for small holders farmers.