Community Initiative for Sustainable Environment and Gender Development


CISEGD envisions a just community where environmentally sound practices, gender equity, human rights and the dignity of the underprivileged are promoted and respected.

Core Values:

In order to serve the community better, CISEGD is guided by the following core values: Love, Honesty, Accountability and Team work.

Mission Statement:

CISEGD’s mission is to fight poverty and build an environmentally healthy, safe and just society where everyone can unlock his or her potential and live in harmony with nature while enhancing their available local natural resources to become self-reliant and sustainable.
This mission is base on three love principles: Love Nature, Love Neighbor and Love God.


¶  Promote sound environmental conservation practices that are sustainable.

¶  Develop and promote action oriented programs that focus on gender balance and women empowerment as well as the prevention of gender based Violence and discrimination.

¶  Promote a culture of peace that upholds human rights as well as respect the dignity for the underprivileged and marginalize group of people.

¶  Promote and encourage farming practices that leads to sustainable agriculture and meet the needs of small scale farmers as well as help them understand their relationship to the environment and the food we eat.

¶  Improve on health of the population and reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS as well other related illness.

¶  Promote and encourage girls and women education at both formal and informal level for positive change as well as sustainable community development.

¶  Conduct research, training and advocacy on identified environmental, gender and human rights problems in Cameroon.